Sisters of the Sands Apartment – Reverielle af-Tahar

“Ever since the problems at Aswala Stables, Sentinel had been my preferred place of respite. When not out on walkabout and sleeping on a bedroll, Rudabeh at the Sisters of the Sands Inn has always been kind enough to let me rest there. Even when the inn was full she allowed me to linger on a couch or in the corner on the floor. I was very grateful, and it felt like my home away from home.

This was until recently when a room became available. I jumped at the opportunity to have a more permanent residence. The room is relatively modest, it is quiet, clean and has been perfect for getting a feel for all the intricacies that come with home ownership. I’m trying to furnish it in the likeness of my parent’s home; soaked in Redguard-inspired furnishing with a splash of other cultures; a reflection of the friends I’ve been lucky enough to make on my walkabout thus far.

Zerdesht and Shabaga in the Inn’s kitchen are tutoring me with cooking, and often I’ll hear Taralqua’s singing from the common room waft under my door as I drift off at night. I feel lucky to have such a place and around such kin. With each passing day it is becoming less like a home away from home, and more like my proper home. Now if only I can get my sister’s sep adder ‘Harry’ to stop bringing in birds, all will be well…”
~Reverielle af-Tahar~

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I'm a Redguard. Born in Aswala, I now call the coastal city of Sentinel home. I'm an organiser of adventures, a bringer of challenges (primarily due to my own ineptitude), and often a troublemaker (so I am told).

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